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Our Master Fitter uses his extensive experience and a detailed knowledge of biomechanics to design a custom fit for you, just you.

We use a process honed from thousands of fittings and all of our fitting services follow this protocol.

To begin, we conduct a detailed interview that gives us an understanding of you as a rider and an individual.  Next, a flexibility and range of motion assessment highlights your strengths and any challenges that may affect your positioning. We  look for what differentiates you from other riders. 

We then use our size cycle, motion capture software and video replay to analyze your position and technique to determine your ideal bike fit.

Our Cycling Fit Studio is outfitted with the most advanced fitting technology. These are the tools of the Master Fitter that enhance the process.
All of our fitting services include pedal technique, power wattage and cadence evaluation.

Road - Triathlon (distance specific) - Cyclocross - Mountain - Refit Current Bike - Comprehensive Fitting - Cleat Placement
Fittings By Appointment

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